Adult Ministry

Discipleship Pathway

The Discipleship Pathway is our strategy of making disciples that make disciples.  We do not believe the measure of the church is how many people gather on a Sunday morning but rather our desire is to move people into smaller circles to know God, others and ourselves.  The Discipleship Pathway is made up of five areas that include: DISCOVER, ENGAGE, CONNECT, DEVELOP and REST.  These five areas are described below.

It is our hope that over an 18-month period you will participate in at least one of each of these FIVE “discipleship pathways.”   Even though you will be drawn to some areas easier that to others, we believe ALL FIVE “discipleship pathways” are valuable. Our desire is “wholeness” as ones who are living out who we are "IN CHRIST".  

Leaning in to more fully understand Scripture and themes of Scripture.

This includes areas such as but not limited to Bible-focused study, discussions of books that look at the themes in the Bible, etc.

Walking the gospel out with others with intention to show the love of Jesus.

This includes areas such as but is not limited to Go Day, Single Mom/Dad oil change, service projects, short-term missions trips.

Intentional stopping to rest, heal and reflect

This includes areas such as but not limited to prayer, worship, communion, GriefShare, recovery, counseling, etc. 

We have partnered with CornerStone Family Services based in Columbus, Ohio to establish a satellite counseling office at our building.  Our desire is to create spaces for people to breathe, process and heal.

Taking steps to know and be known by others beyond our appearances.

This includes areas such as but not limited to women's connection groups, small groups, quilting, crafting, etc.

Focusing on improvement in specific areas of life skills.

This includes areas such as but not limited to finances, marriage, parenting, leadership, sexuality, etc.